Everyone must build their profit and loss statement

Agnieszka Gierczak-Cywińska
  • “For me, inability to access rehabilitation after arthroscopy procedure would pose a bigger threat than getting infected with COVID-19” tells us Jan Prasałek, who underwent surgery just before the pandemic.

I had arthroscopy performed on my shoulder at the beginning of March, due to chronic shoulder instability and dislocation syndrome. According to recommendations, my arm was immobilized for four weeks after the surgery, and after that time I should have begun physiotherapy. And that was when the problem occurred, because almost all physiotherapy practices were closed at the beginning of April. For every 10 physiotherapists I called, 8 did not admit patients at all and the rest already had too many appointments. Finally, I managed to make an appointment with a physiotherapist recommended by one of my relatives – I still see him twice a week. I was lucky that my physician has provided me with a referral for rehabilitation – without this document, I wouldn’t stand a chance of being admitted anywhere at all.

I didn’t give much thought to the possibility of getting infected with COVID-19, as I simply had to be rehabilitated at this time. Lack of physiotherapy would pose a much bigger threat to my health. Moreover, during our meetings both I and the physiotherapist wear masks and everything in the room is disinfected. I know a lot of people are still afraid of going to physiotherapists. It all depends on one’s age and comorbidities. Probably if I was 70 years old, suffered a heart attack and had diabetes, I would take some more time to think whether I should seek physiotherapeutic services at that time. Everyone must prepare their profit and loss statement. I decided that, for me, disability of the arm would be worse than getting infected, as I am still relatively young and physically healthy and would probably experience only mild symptoms of COVID-19.

Jan Prasałek – Lawyer

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