Voice of Physiotherapist – 02

Rehabilitation is not enough

How physiotherapists’ knowledge and skills can contribute to the improvement of public health as well as the KIF’s cooperation with the WHO and plans for the years to come – these are the topics discussed with Dr. Paloma Cuchi, a representative of the World Health Organisation in Poland.


How important is physiotherapeutic prevention today?

Physiotherapists significantly contribute to preventing or decreasing disability and improving the physical capacity of people of different ages by shaping and sustaining their fitness.

World Physiotherapy Congress online

The meeting of the representatives of physiotherapists from all over the world showed that apart from countries that can be our role model as regards the position of a physiotherapist in the healthcare system, there is also a whole range of countries for which Poland and our regulations of the profession can be an inspiration.

We overcome the resistance of the matter

The lion’s share of our work is the fight with officials for the position of a physiotherapist in the system. It can be frustrating. We are overcoming this resistance of the matter slowly, but I am convinced that with time we will be able to achieve more and more – Katarzyna Blicharczyk-Ożga, talks about the work of the Legal Department of the KIF.

There is no turning back from progress

I am the president of the National Council of Physiotherapists and I hope that as…