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Keep documentation in Finezjo!


Keep documentation in Finezjo!

The ordinance of the Minister of Health¹ obliging all physiotherapists to keep electronic medical documentation and adhere to the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) became effective in the midst of April this year.

At the beginning of this year, the Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists launched Finezjo – a free internet app which enables keeping full medical documentation in an electronic form. This tool is the next step in implementing rehabilitation reform, aimed to introduce modern standards to physiotherapeutic care and digitalize the profession.

This application was created thanks to several months of hard work performed by our project team, i.a. programmers, graphic designers and testers. KIF experts such as physiotherapists and lawyers, were responsible for the content-related part of this process. Currently the programme is available for persons with registered individual medical practice. According to our information, one in every four physiotherapists from this group uses Finezjo and the number of regular users is constantly growing.

When creating this application, our major goals were to automate the process of keeping medical documentation, provide the best safety measures for data collected by users and adjust the application to guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health. An important and laborious stage of our work was also creating an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. In order to meet the needs of our users, the first versions of Fizjo were tested by physiotherapists who volunteered to take part in the project. Comments and suggestions reported by those physiotherapists resulted in various modifications, the most important of which were: creating mobile version of the application, enabling synchronization with Google Calendar, adding automated SMS notification system and improving the system which allows for archiving inactive patients.

Our project team ceaselessly works towards introducing new improvements. Currently the most pressing task is to adjust the application to the needs of those physiotherapists who are employed in healthcare entities or run group physiotherapy classes. Simultaneously, we are striving for inclusion of a paediatric examination card in the system and integration of Finezjo with the National Health Fund, which would facilitate reporting services to the employer in an app-based form.

Finezjo is receiving positive feedback from its users for the intuitive examination card, convenient treatment planner and opportunity to use ready functional test templates.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use tool for keeping your medical documentation in accordance with current standards – try Finezjo!

To help you navigate through the application, recordings from three webinars explaining how to use Finezjo are now available on the Physiotherapy Portal. These online trainings present proper ways of completing the examination card, saving medical history, documenting functional examination according to ICF norms and using the test database. The trainings also discuss other key aspects of documenting your visits. Experts and creators of the application have also demonstrated new functionalities which are going to be launched in 2020, i.a. app version for healthcare entities and paediatric examination card.

Finezjo is currently available in Polish for physiotherapists with a registered practice in Poland www.finezjo.pl
Contact details: pomoc@finezjo.pl

1. Ordinance of the Minister of Health from the 6th of April 2020 on the types, scope and templates of medical documentation and methods of its processing.

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