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Let us not lose touch with patients Telerehabilitation in the times of epidemic


Let us not lose touch with patients Telerehabilitation in the times of epidemic

  • Current state of epidemic announced in all Polish territories generates numerous limitations also in the functioning of physiotherapy practices. It does not have to - or it even must not - entail complete cessation of contacting patients. Responding to the needs of physiotherapists, the ‘Find a Physiotherapist’ portal implements free option for telerehabilitation.

State of epidemic and physiotherapy practice

Although the state of epidemic introduced in Poland is aimed to prevent transmission of SARS-CoV-2, it also results in numerous restrictions regarding movement, using public spaces, new work modes, as well as limitations in interpersonal contacts.

Understanding the scale of epidemiological threat, the majority of physiotherapeutic practices in our country has suspended services requiring physical contacts with patients. However, it seems incredibly important to continue the cooperation between patients and physiotherapists, with the use of available technological tools. The Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists recommends online consultations (telerehabilitation) as the best form of such a cooperation during the period of COVID-19 epidemic.

Advantages of telerehabilitation

Obviously, telerehabilitation involves a number of limitations and can only partly compensate for the lack of physical contact with healthcare professionals. Nonetheless, it is worth to take notice of the advantages of online consultations during the epidemic.

From the perspective of physiotherapists, the most important advantage of telerehabilitation is constant cooperation with the patient, that is, continuation of therapy supervised by a qualified medical specialist and the ability to monitor progress. It also creates an opportunity to observe your patient’s behaviour in his or her natural environment, outside of physiotherapy office, in a less formalized context.

It is important to understand that online consultations cannot substitute direct contact with patients but their implementation in the current situation is not only an opportunity, but rather a necessity.

Telerehabilitation on the Find a Physiotherapist portal

In response to many requests submitted by users, Find a Physiotherapist has launched a free option allowing physiotherapists to consult their patients online. The telerehabilitation platform enables its users to make online appointments by a simple procedure of choosing the date of consultation and filling in a short form. In order to carry out an appointed visit, we recommend using popular online communication tools such as Skype or Zoom.

Only on the first day of its functioning, more than a hundred and fifty physiotherapists employed this online tool in their practice.

You are also welcome to join physiotherapists who provide telerehabilitation services by simply activating the designated option in the Find a Physiotherapist portal. Go to znajdzfizjoterapeute.pl, see and try this new solution for yourself!

Let us do our utmost to ensure safety for physiotherapists and their patients during this unusual time of epidemic! However, let us not give up on contacting our patients, so that they know they count on us even in these difficult times!

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